300zx Timing Belt Service

RGS Performance' 300zx Timing Belt service is a complete drive in/drive out front of motor service that includes the following.
  • Replace timing belt, timing belt tensioner, and timing belt idler bearings
  • Replace cam shaft and crank shaft seals
  • Replace VTC gear springs and o ring seals
  • Replace thermostat and thermostat bypass hoses
  • Replace drive belts and tension to factory specifications
  • Drain coolant, flush motor, refill and bleed cooling system
  • General clean and degrease
  • Check ignition timing and set to factory specifications
  • Check for error codes
Any additional work/repairs that may be required can be discussed and quoted as needed. I use only the best oils, coolants, sealants and tools to make sure that the job is done right the first time, every time. I use torque wrenches and belt tension gauges to make sure that everything is set as per factory specifications when you collect your car.
The cost of the service is $420 plus parts. I can supply a complete timing belt and assosciated component kit for $695. Please contact me via the contact form below to book your Timing Belt Service. Don't forget to include your return contact details and please check your spam folder if you do not hear back from me within two business days.

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