How To Fit Your RGS Performance EGR Delete Kit

by Robert Sidaway on June 12, 2023 Categories: 300zx How To

Thank you for purchasing an RGS Performance EGR Delete Kit. The kit includes three pieces; two brass plugs to block the ports in the intake plenum, and a threaded plug to block the EGR outlet on the passenger side exhaust manifold. 

Let's start with the plenum. Below we have a plenum that has been removed from the vehicle and had the usual water lines and vacuum lines removed. The PCV valves have also been removed. 

300zx intake manifold 

The picture below shows EGR port on the Right Hand Side of the plenum (please note we are looking from underneath). The Left Hand Side port is identical. 

Below are the tools that we will be using to install the plugs, specifically a ball pein hammer and a 10mm punch. 


Sit the plug in the plenum as shown below.The plugs are interference fit, so they won't slide in - they will just sit there. It will conform to the size of the bore to create an air-tight seal once it is driven in. 

My preference is to use the hammer to hammer the plug in until it is flush with the plenum, and then to use the punch to drive it in a couple of mm below flush. Take care to drive the plug in straight as it will dislodge if you turn it.


Repeat on the other side. Once correctly installed the plugs will seal the manifold, and hold that seal at boost pressures well in excess of what your mtor will see. 

Locate the EGR outlet on the rear of the passenger side exhaust manifold. Unbolt the EGR using a 22mm spanner; I generally spray a generous helping of inox (or other suitable penetrating oil) onto the threads of the EGR nut before attempting removal. Generally speaking I will crack the nut, and then once I know it is loose I will cut the tube out of the way with a reciprocating saw to free up some space to work with.

Once the EGR tube has been removed you can thread in the plug as shown below. I have used a little permatex copper-seal on the the threads to ensure there are no leaks. Tighten the plug using a 10mm hex key.

The pic below shows the finished installation. Excuse the mess...   

Congratulations, you are done.