How To Install Your RGS Performance Bonnet Strut Kit

by Robert Sidaway on December 13, 2022 Categories: 300zx How To

Thank you for purchasing an RGS Performance Bonnet Strut Kit for your Nissan Z32 300zx. The instructions below will help with installation.

We'll start with the hood-hinge brackets that are pictured below. The hinge on the left will end up on the Left Hand Side (LHS) of the vehicle, and the hinge on the right will end up on the Right Hand Side (RHS) of the vehicle. 

The brackets can be installed using the OEM hood hinge bolts, or the supplied low profile stainless steel bolts and washes supplied with the kit (shown above). The brackets install over the top of the hinges as shown below. You will need a 12mm hex-socket to remove the OEM bolts and a 5mm hex-key to install the stainless steel bolts.Please note the picture shows the RHS hinge; the LHS hinge will be a mirror image when installed.

Now onto the chassis side brackets. The picture below shows the LHS chassis side bracket and stainless steel hardware supplied for installation. The slotted side of the bracket insalls closest to the front of the vehicle. You will need a 10mm socket to remove the OEM bolts and a 5mm hex key to install the stainless bolts. 

The LHS chassis bracket is a little fiddly to install. You will need to remove the two bolts holding the fuel filter bracket to the chassis, and the bolt securing the fuel line retainer to the chassis. The bracket then installs with the slotted side towards the front of the vehicle (away from the firewall) using the supplied stainless steel fittings. The rear most fastening hole for the strut bracket sits beneath the fuel line retainer bracket, and the front most fastening hole for the strut bracket sits beneath the fuel filter bracket. Pay close attention to the location of the ball stud end, if yours does not match you either have the brackets on the wrong side of the vehicle or have not installed them correctly. 


The kit is supplied with two long M6 bolts and washers that can be used with the fuel filter bracket. The rear most fastener should reuse the OEM fastener as it is much shorter. 

Now on to the RHS chassis bracket.

The picture below shows the RHS bracket installed on the chassis. Note the position of the ball-stud end; if yours doesn't match you have the brackets mixed up. Note also the high temp silicon bumpers on the underside of the bracket. These are supplied in the kit and should be attached during installation of the bracket to protect your paint.

The bracket installs underneath the throttle cable retainer, and in this case underneath the Brake Master Cylinder Brace.


Attach the ball studs to the brackets using the included flange nuts, and then attach the struts to the ball studs. The struts will simply push on. Pay close attention to the orientation of the struts; if yours do not match you may find that the hood doesn't close. 

Tighten everything. And then retighten. The gas struts operate under high pressure and things will move if you have not tightened your fasteners correctly.

Stand back and admire your handywork and wonder why you didn't do this sooner...