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BDE Performance VTC Intake Cam Sprockets for Nissan Z32 300zx Twin Turbo and NA (Pair)

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Stock Nissan variable Valve Timing Control (VTC) intake camshaft pulleys are non-serviceable units that are notorious for making noise and leaking oil. Oil leakage occurs because the rear cam seal plate can rotate independent from the pulley, this wears its internal o-ring seal and eventually leads to an oil leak. The noise is typical with high-mileage pulleys and/or aftermarket higher-pressure valve springs that cause the cams to over-rotate when the intake valve closest.

BDE rebuilt VTC pulleys feature a redesigned piston return spring specifically engineered for the load needed to prevent camshaft over-rotation with installed valve spring pressures up to 80 lbs and permit full VTC function. Oil leaks are eliminated by replacing the o-ring and positively locating the rear cover with a dowel pin thereby preventing it from rotating.

Sold per pair. One pair required per vehicle.

Please note your old VTC intake gears will need to be received in suitable condition to be used as cores before your order can be completed. I will contact you to arrange this when your order is received.

Free delivery to AUS only. International orders will be invoiced for freight after checkout.

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