knock sensor detonation sensor bypass harness
RGS Performance

Knock Sensor Bypass Harness For 300zx

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If you're experience safety boost, lackluster performance due to retarded timing, and have registered a code 34 error, then you most likely have a faulty detonation sensor and/or detonation sensor harness. While the best thing is obviously to replace the sensor this is a very time consuming and expensive job (that involves removing the upper plenum, lower plenum, and timing belt) that is beyond the means of many owners.

The RGS Performance bypass harness is an inexpensive way to "fool" the ECU into thinking that your ECU is functioning correctly. The harness allows for easy DIY installation without any cutting or soldering, and installs near the ECU to guarantee that it works first time every time. All units are bench tested prior to sending out.

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Please see HERE for how to install.

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