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RGS Performance Timing Belt Service Kit for Nissan Z32 300zx

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Power Steering Belt
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This Timing-Belt service kit includes everything that you need to do a thorough service on your Z32 300zx and features a combination of OEM and premium aftermarket parts. These are the same kits that I use on my jobs, so I know that everything fits and performs at least as well as new.
  • New Gates (USA) Timing Belt
  • New Timing Belt Hydraulic Tensioner
  • New Gates Timing Belt Idler Bearings (2) and Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing (1)
  • New OEM Water Pump
  • New Gates (USA) Thermostat
  • New Raceworks multi-ply Silicon Thermostat Bypass Hoses (2)
  • New Nissan OEM VTC springs (2)
  • New Nissan OEM VTC o-ring seals (2)
  • New Nissan OEM cam shaft seals (4)
  • New Nissan OEM crank shaft seal (1)
  • New Gates century-series premium drive belts (standard sizes) (3)

This standard kit includes everything that you need to do a basic timing belt service on your car without leaving you with costly leftover parts. Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle you may also wish to include a crank-shaft sprocket, or an air-conditioning tensioner bearing, both of which are available in the Servicing section of my online shop.

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