Stage 3 clutch for Z31 300zx
Mantic Clutch

Stage 3 Cushion Button Clutch for Z31 300zx

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Rated for 698nm continuous torque (837nm peak torque) the Mantic Stage 3 clutch can safely handle twice the torque produced by the Nissan Z31 300zx in stock form, and features improved clamp load capacity. Mantic clutches feature anti burst castings that increase strength up to 300% over conventional castings and improve heat dispersion. All covers undergo a two stage balancing process to ensure that no unwanted vibration is introduced into the driveline.

Mantic Stage 3 Clutch Kits feature cerametallic friction material on both sides of the clutch plate. This results in a strong torque capacity increase compared with Stage 2 - but reduced street driveability. Stage 3 kits include cushioned segments (cushion button) and a sprung hub to maintain a reasonable level of street drivability.

All kits include clutch assembly, alignment tool, pilot bush and release bearing.

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