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BDE Goose Honk Killer Recirc Valve Rebuild Kit for Nissan Z32 300zx Twin Turbo

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The stock recirculation valves have a low internal spring pressure which often result in leaking and the familiar "Goose Honk" sound. The Goose Honk Killer (GHK) is a kit that will increase the internal spring pressure of both factory recirc valves to eliminate leaking. The Recirc valves were manufactured as sealed-units, because of this it is not an easy task to increase the internal spring pressure without some way of gaining access to the inside of the valves. Also an obstacle is the correct spring pressure that will keep the valve closed yet allow the Recirc to still function when needed. The GHK takes care of both these issues economically.

The GHK machined aluminum cap simply presses onto the canister with some RTV silicone to seal the unit again and the valves bolt back into their stock locations. The GHK converts the Recircs to the best of both worlds, no more annoying Goose to detract from your driving experience, no obnoxious BOV sound because they maintain the stock recirculation plumbing, and the valves still work when needed to vent boost pressure and reduce compressor surge.

Ships as a pair. One pair required per vehicle.

Free delivery to AUS only. International orders will be invoiced for freight after checkout.

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